Vision: Create value, Benefit society

Constantly increase value-added activity, decrease impairment activity, eliminate waste.

Undertake more social responsibility, sincerely contribution to the society, benefit the public.


Mission: People oriented, Work -focus, Create the greatest happiness of employees

Pay attention to the needs of employees, cultivate their initiative, positivity and creativity, attach great importance to staff training, improve their capacity, inspire their potency.

Constantly learn and ask to achieve the target, do things right and operate in accordance with the program.

Ensure employees work with dignity, be satisfied with work, affirm their value and share with them.


Beliefs: Customer focus, Integrity first, Mutual concern, Active learning

Put customers in the first place, to be self –respect and self-discipline.

Keep promises,  follow the commercial morality and ethics strictly.

Actively participate in staff training, make efforts  to innovation .

Enhance team work, care for and respect each other.


Quality policy: Quality first, Delivery accurate, Price reasonable, Service considerate

Ensure the high quality of our products and service to win the trust of our customers. 

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