Turbocharger sub-component                                       Hydraulic pump/valve                                      Construction machinery fittings 


The turbocharger system is both energy saving and environmental friendly. It can reduce fuel consumption,  exhaust emissions and noise pollution, improve the engine power as well as provide plateau compensation. Driven by its superior economic efficiency, our products have a very broad market prospects.

We offer turbine housing, center housing, compressor housing and exhaust manifold for turbocharger assembly manufacture. Benefit from by our professional technology and rich experience, we can identify customer needs and formulate the corresponding solutions quickly and accurately. We continue to promote technological innovation and control the quality of our products. So we can always reach even exceed customer expectations.

Because of this, we have received high praise from our customers domestic and international. Our products are exported to the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc. and are widely applied in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


In addition to the turbocharger parts, we also extend the chain to hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and other construction machinery fittings, broaden the scope of business.

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